What I've Bought This Month - December

Monday, 17 December 2012

These are a few things in which I've bought in the duration of this month so far. I didn't buy everything at once, all of this was bought during the end of November up until now, I didn't wan't to buy and spend too much as Christmas was (and is, 8 sleeps!) super close. I'll do a mini review on the products so I hope you like this post and don't find it too boring to read!

Natural Collection Passionfruit Body Spray - Boots
As you may be able to tell from the picture I have used quite a lot of this spry already over the course of this month. I have the apple and vanilla body spray from this collection and absolutely love them so it was no surprise that this really appealed to me also. It's such a wonderful smell, so fresh and pretty, I always use this after the shower and when I can't find the right perfume to suit my mood, it just suits any occasion and it fits snug in your bag so you can have a spritz on the go which I love as I always like a refresher spray. This was so cheap too, at a smidgen £2.00 it's totally worth every penny especially with how much you get, the colour is also pretty so there's a bonus, I really commend smelling this in boots next time you're in!

GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Primer - Superdrug
I honestly have to say that I regret buying this - it was £10.00! I hate the feeling of wasting money. When I bought this I had high hopes for this product as I do like GOSH and have had good experiences with their products before so I was sadly disappointed with this. It did nothing to aid the creasing of the shadow and it was hard to blend the colours, after a while the shadow began to build up and clump. Although I have to say the packaging is very nice, the nozzle is small so you can easily apply the amount you want and it does glide on smooth, but overall this wasn't worth the money as it is pretty bad for a primer.

Barry M Nail Paints - Superdrug
As you all know already I love Barry M nail paints and am constantly finding new colours that I lust over. Recently I've been really getting into the glitter ones that Barry M have been bringing out, usually I hate glitter polishes but Barry M is definitely an acception, the glitter is perfect, it doesn't clump up and builds up really well. I bought three colours in Diamond which is a gorgeous silver colour, Sapphire which has pink flecks of glitter and longish strands of silver glitter, I think it looks like a party popper! It's a very pretty nail paint. The last one I bought was Amethyst with purple, blue, silver and pink flecks, this builds up amazing and is perfect for parties, it's now one of my favorites!

Gold Diamond Watch - Primark
I spotted this watch in Primark a few weeks back and loved it, I think it looks like a Michael Kors dupe, a watch I've been after for ages! It was only £5.00 so I couldn't resist, I think it's so pretty and I really did need a watch. Unfortunately, I didn't try the watch on in the shop because I was just so bedazzled with it, it does not fit well at all, the face hangs the wrong way it's so loose and it has fallen off a few times, I have to pile it up on bracelets to keep it on, AND it worked for about 10 seconds and now doesn't work at all, it's completely frozen. I guess it is expected as it was from Primark as was only £5.00, I still wear it regardless that it doesn't work, it looks gorgeous so overall I am happy with that!

MUA Professional Eye Primer - Superdrug
I bought this as the GOSH primer wasn't to my liking as I said before. This primer is amazing and was so cheap, I absolutely love it, I have quite an oily face and that does include my eyelids and this product really helps with keeping the oil at bay so the colour doesn't 'slide' off throughout the day. It also held the shadow in place for such a long time with no creasing whatsoever, it's perfect. It really helps with making the colour of the shadow more bright and vivid, it keeps the shadow perfectly in place all day. It glides on super smooth and helps blend the colours so well and so easily, it's a little wand applicator, much like the ones you find with concealer so it's easy to apply to your lid and blend in, it dries fast too! The only thing I dislike is that it smells slightly like a tea bag, I'm very fussy with smells so this won't be a problem for most people!

Revlon Contour Shadow Brush - Superdrug
This purchase was just a spur of the moment buy, it's such a fabulous brush and so cheap too! If I remember correctly it was £4.00, but I'm not too sure. It fit's perfectly into my crease and blends effortlessly, it packs on so much colour and blends it out so well with very minimal fall out, this brush is also very soft and when washed the hairs don't seem to shed so I have a feeling this will last a very long time so is well worth the money. It is fairly shorter than regular sized brushes but overall I think it gives better control. This brush is just amazing in every possible way, I've found no faults so far, it's just perfect, I really recommend trying this brush out if you haven't already!


  1. Love those nail polishes - I have the silver one! xo

  2. I love that watch and those nail polishes!



  3. I've been trying to find nail polish like these for new years eve. Hope I can find them.

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