NOTD: Party Pink Sparkle

Monday, 31 December 2012

As you may have seen in my previous post which was about the items that I'd received for Christmas you may recognize this nail paint, and as you thought, yes it is Barry M! My family know that this really is the only nail varnish brand that I use all the time and that I'm growing my collection so they do tend to opt for buying this for me. I thought I'd do a quick post/review on this as most of the other NOTD posts seemed to be a pleaser so I hope you all like this one too!

This shade is called  Pink Silver Glitter and is just so pretty and girly, even just the product sitting in the bottle is just so beautiful, this one is definitely an eye-pleaser due to the fresh pink colour mixed with very sheer silver. It's probably the prettiest colour that I have to date. It builds up well as it only needs 2 coats to really get full coverage and, it really does look fantastic when it is on! It can be used for special occasions such as New Year (which is what I'm using it for right now;)) or just to jazz up a simple outfit. It's really not too bright but enough to make a statement. My only complaint is that it does feel slightly rough like sandpaper which results in it being a nightmare to remove, it also chips so easily which is a pain, although I don't let these things put me off and I love it nonetheless!

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What I Got For Christmas

Saturday, 29 December 2012

L-R: Chunky Cable Knit Jumper, Acid Wash Petite Skinny Jeans, Creeper Dupes, GEEK T-Shirt, Barry M Nail Paints (see below), The Sims 3 For Nintendo 3DS, Ted Baker Gift Set - Body Lotion, Body Wash And Body Spray (Butterfly), Gold Spiked Necklace, TOWIE Body Lotion And Perfume (Dazzle), Russian Babushka Doll, Wanted DVD.
Gold Mine, Pink Silver Glitter & Denim

I initially had planned on doing a 'Christmas Day' post which would consist of Christmas day itself, unfortunately the day wasn't actually that exciting to be honest and the photos didn't come out as well as I thought they had, therefore I thought that I'd share what I received on Christmas morning as my Birthday Haul (here) seemed to get a good response, I've also seen a few of these posts flying around so why not? I always love to see what other people got as I'm nosy! I also just want to put it out there that this post is not me trying to show off or brag, that's not at all what I'm like so please don't think that! I just want to share the love!

I am so happy with everything that I got this year. I really wasn't expecting what I got, so it was a surprise as I hadn't asked for much at all, I just had no real idea - however I had asked for  Creepers so they really did make my day as I've been after a pair for months now and am so pleased that I finally got them! I had also asked for acid wash jeans from Topshop but didn't expect to get them as I know they are rather expensive. As for everything else my family just guessed, and they definitely guessed well, I'm so, so pleased with what I got I couldn't have wished for more!

If your wondering where anything is from just ask and I'll do my best to find out and reply? What did you all get for Christmas and it's nearly New Year, 1012 has gone so fast!

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Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

Thursday, 27 December 2012

What a week it has been, super busy! Probably the busiest week that I've had in quite a while to be honest, especially since it's been Christmas, therefore I've been ever so slightly MIA, especially when it comes to blogging so I do apologize. But I am now back and have a load of blog posts planned for you all, some hauls  which consist of Christmas gifts and and boxing day buys! I've had this mascara a while now and it is so good I thought I'd do a quick review on it, before we bite into the more exciting posts!

When it comes to buying mascara I always stick with Max Factors False Lash Effect as I've gone through so many tubes and it's never disappointed me, so I thought, why should I buy anything else? I'm not the best at choosing mascara and to be fair I really am not the type of person who gets excited about mascaras, for me, one good tube is enough and I stick with that tube until it is about to die. Unfortunately I had lost my Max Factor mascara, I was utterly gutted to say the least (it was purple too, a bonus I think). It was literally the only mascara I had as the other tubes had all dried out thus I needed to get my hands on a new one ASAP (you know what it's like with no mascara!). I'd gone down to Tesco with my mum the next again day and spotted the Scandaleyes mascara on the Rimmel stand, it really stood out as it was bright, the tube is a lot like the shape of the false lash effect tube and it was Rimmel, a brand I truly trust for good quality. It was only £6.99 so I thought why not, it seems a fair price.

The packaging isn't to my taste as I feel it's a tad too bright and a bit mishmash, orange just isn't a colour I'm that keen on so that's probably why. I do however like the shape of the bottle as it's very slick and rather comfortable on your hand when applying the product which I like. I really like the brush as it doesn't pack too much product so in effect doesn't clump up your lashes, it has lots of little bristles all the way around also so you can really grip all of your lashes right from the root pulling all the way up to get really good coverage without clumps and as it has lots of individual bristles it comes through your lashes fanning them out rather than sticking them all together giving you that "5 legged spider" look, which nobody likes hopefully. The formula is like most others, just thick and black, but it has a very faint smell, and you all know how I am with products with strong and strange scents, so as you'll have already guessed I was indeed over the moon! This mascara also states that it is 'Extreme Black' so it should be very, very black and not fade out to grey throughout the day or when it has dried into your lashes. I find it does live up to this statement, but I believe that I have used blacker products before, nonetheless it is a very good black that covers well and doesn't fade to grey (lol).

Overall I like this product, maybe because it's Rimmel, who knows. I think I've found a cheaper alternative to the False Lash Effect, however saying that I do love the False Lash Effect and I feel that I will be purchasing it again when this runs out and just use the Scandaleyes as a back up or when I'm in desperate need of a mascara but have no money. This is a very good product and I do recommend this to anyone who is looking for a really good mascara but doesn't want to spend a lot. I also use eyelash curlers before applying any brand of mascara as it always helps with the look. However curling the lash doesn't necessarily effect the products performance so doing this did not sway my opinion whatsoever. I have curled my lashes and used rather terrible mascaras that have clumped them all together so this mascara is really very good!

What is your favorite brand of mascara?

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Review: Rimmel Amethyst Shimmer Lipstick

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Recently I've lusting over plum inspired lip colours, but I find it hard to pick a colour that will suit me well and that I love. As you all know I do love Rimmel lip colours thus when in Superdrug I popped over to the Rimmel stand and searched around for a nice plum shade. After a while of opening caps I found Amethyst Shimmer! At first I thought it looked very purple with hints of deep red so I wasn't too keen, however, it did swatch it and it turned out to be a lovely colour, very dark pink mixed with plums. I was indeed very pleased with it and bought it right away.

This colour is just amazing on the lips, much better than I'd ever thought it would be, so yet again I was pleased! This colour is so easily to build up, so you can have a really subtle hint of colour so your lips look flushed, or really build it up so it's bold and bright, which is really good for a night out or even for a statement  during the day, I find it very versatile much like many of the other Rimmel lipsticks. This is a shimmer lipstick, but I find there to be very minimal shimmer, it's more glossy looking which I suppose is better regarding this shade as the colour is very strong simmers may be a little too much, but others may disagree, I believe it's just preference. This lipstick, like most of the others glides on easily and feels so smooth and nourishing on my lips thus they don't look dry at all or wrinkled which I find tends to happen with lipsticks that basically just dry the lips out. The smell of this is lovely too, very sweet, I believe most Rimmel lipsticks in this range have a similar smell if not the same! It's very subtle and goes away after a while so you don't notice it throughout the day whilst wearing it.

This lipstick is a lasting finish lipstick and it really does live up to it! After about 3-4 hours I noticed it had faded a smidge so I reapplied it, although there wasn't really a need to but again it's all down to preference and, that's just me.

Overall I really do like this lipstick and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a plum/very deep pink shade, it's also a wonderful colour for this season, it's very Christmasy and wintery.

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NOTD: Sparkle And Shine

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Barry M Jewel Glitter Nail Paint – Amethyst

Recently over the past few days I've been wearing this gorgeous glitter polish non-stop, it really is that amazing! You may remember that I featured this polish along with two others in a recent post which you can find here. I purchased this a few weeks ago so haven't had much of a chance to really wear it as I've been wearing the other two. As you all know I'm probably Barry M's biggest nail paint fan thus, you probably all knew this polish would be none other than yours truly Barry M, I picked this up in Superdrug whilst out shopping for presents, I couldn't resist as it's such an amazing glitter - it's very similar to Jewel Britannia minus the red flecks of glitter. Nonetheless I adore this polish I can't even begin to tell you how amazing I find it as I have no words, it's made me slightly too happy!

The glitter is small flecks of blue, purple, gold and green which all go very well together. It builds up extremely well so you can cover your whole nail with no gaps whatsoever, it only takes two applications to achieve a matte look and it dries surprisingly fast. It feels very smooth also, not like sandpaper or rough, but, it is slightly bumpy, however you can't notice it and I don't bother about that as it doesn't effect the quality or look of the polish at all so it's a minor thing. I have noticed this chips quicker than other glitter polishes but I think that's just down to building it up rather a lot and everyday wear, sometimes the it all comes off in in the shape of my nail so that tends to get slightly annoying! This polish just looks so amazing and would be perfect for a new years party I have to just sweep the tiny faults under the carpet and gawk at it's beauty.

Overall, I LOVE this, so much. I've received some lovely comments regarding my nails and have really started to adore glitter polishes, I'm buying more glitters than mattes! I never used to like glitter polishes but I have been completely converted, I'm not sure if it's just because I like Barry M or I've just changed. Whatever it is I'm happy as it's opened up a whole new look for my nails.

I really recommend trying out this colour, it looks so much better in person and as soon as it's on your nails I can completely guarantee that you will love it as much as I do! It's only £2.99 so is super cheap and definitely worth it, I think it looks way more expensive than it really is - well done Barry M!

Have a lovely Christmas break everyone!

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Review: MUA The Artiste Collection

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Recently whilst I was browsing around the MUA stand in Superdrug and noticed that they had a fabulous offer on, if you spent £6.00 on any MUA products then you would receive this FREE palette! I always love a freebie and I was buying MUA stuff so I added a lip gloss to bring the total to £6.00.

I really do like this palette as you get six marble eye shadows, two blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter. The eye shadows are all very lovely, the colours are vibrant and easy to blend, the only thing that I dislike is the marble effect, that's purely aesthetics and doesn't effect the overall shadow purpose. The colours are so pretty especially the blues, I don't really like blue as an eye shadow but this is an exception! Both blushers are pink, one slightly darker one which is matte, the other is lighter with sparkles, I prefer the matte shade as it isn't too heavy on the cheeks and it's wearable everyday. I feel the blush with sparkles is more for an evening or party look as it is rather sparkly, especially if you build it up! The bronzer and highlighter are both very good and are lovely colours, the bronzer isn't too dark and the highlighter isn't too shimmery, a very good combination.

Overall I like this palette, the packaging is great and it does look very sleek. The range of colours are fabulous and you get a few different products to choose from so it's good as an all-in-one. I only dislike the marble effect on the shadows and the applicator, this comes with all the palettes, and I find it pointless as I never use them and are terrible for applying the shadow, but that's just me! I think this is a great offer so if you are interested in this palette get down to Superdrug!

Have a lovely Wednesday!
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What I've Bought This Month - December

Monday, 17 December 2012

These are a few things in which I've bought in the duration of this month so far. I didn't buy everything at once, all of this was bought during the end of November up until now, I didn't wan't to buy and spend too much as Christmas was (and is, 8 sleeps!) super close. I'll do a mini review on the products so I hope you like this post and don't find it too boring to read!

Natural Collection Passionfruit Body Spray - Boots
As you may be able to tell from the picture I have used quite a lot of this spry already over the course of this month. I have the apple and vanilla body spray from this collection and absolutely love them so it was no surprise that this really appealed to me also. It's such a wonderful smell, so fresh and pretty, I always use this after the shower and when I can't find the right perfume to suit my mood, it just suits any occasion and it fits snug in your bag so you can have a spritz on the go which I love as I always like a refresher spray. This was so cheap too, at a smidgen £2.00 it's totally worth every penny especially with how much you get, the colour is also pretty so there's a bonus, I really commend smelling this in boots next time you're in!

GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Primer - Superdrug
I honestly have to say that I regret buying this - it was £10.00! I hate the feeling of wasting money. When I bought this I had high hopes for this product as I do like GOSH and have had good experiences with their products before so I was sadly disappointed with this. It did nothing to aid the creasing of the shadow and it was hard to blend the colours, after a while the shadow began to build up and clump. Although I have to say the packaging is very nice, the nozzle is small so you can easily apply the amount you want and it does glide on smooth, but overall this wasn't worth the money as it is pretty bad for a primer.

Barry M Nail Paints - Superdrug
As you all know already I love Barry M nail paints and am constantly finding new colours that I lust over. Recently I've been really getting into the glitter ones that Barry M have been bringing out, usually I hate glitter polishes but Barry M is definitely an acception, the glitter is perfect, it doesn't clump up and builds up really well. I bought three colours in Diamond which is a gorgeous silver colour, Sapphire which has pink flecks of glitter and longish strands of silver glitter, I think it looks like a party popper! It's a very pretty nail paint. The last one I bought was Amethyst with purple, blue, silver and pink flecks, this builds up amazing and is perfect for parties, it's now one of my favorites!

Gold Diamond Watch - Primark
I spotted this watch in Primark a few weeks back and loved it, I think it looks like a Michael Kors dupe, a watch I've been after for ages! It was only £5.00 so I couldn't resist, I think it's so pretty and I really did need a watch. Unfortunately, I didn't try the watch on in the shop because I was just so bedazzled with it, it does not fit well at all, the face hangs the wrong way it's so loose and it has fallen off a few times, I have to pile it up on bracelets to keep it on, AND it worked for about 10 seconds and now doesn't work at all, it's completely frozen. I guess it is expected as it was from Primark as was only £5.00, I still wear it regardless that it doesn't work, it looks gorgeous so overall I am happy with that!

MUA Professional Eye Primer - Superdrug
I bought this as the GOSH primer wasn't to my liking as I said before. This primer is amazing and was so cheap, I absolutely love it, I have quite an oily face and that does include my eyelids and this product really helps with keeping the oil at bay so the colour doesn't 'slide' off throughout the day. It also held the shadow in place for such a long time with no creasing whatsoever, it's perfect. It really helps with making the colour of the shadow more bright and vivid, it keeps the shadow perfectly in place all day. It glides on super smooth and helps blend the colours so well and so easily, it's a little wand applicator, much like the ones you find with concealer so it's easy to apply to your lid and blend in, it dries fast too! The only thing I dislike is that it smells slightly like a tea bag, I'm very fussy with smells so this won't be a problem for most people!

Revlon Contour Shadow Brush - Superdrug
This purchase was just a spur of the moment buy, it's such a fabulous brush and so cheap too! If I remember correctly it was £4.00, but I'm not too sure. It fit's perfectly into my crease and blends effortlessly, it packs on so much colour and blends it out so well with very minimal fall out, this brush is also very soft and when washed the hairs don't seem to shed so I have a feeling this will last a very long time so is well worth the money. It is fairly shorter than regular sized brushes but overall I think it gives better control. This brush is just amazing in every possible way, I've found no faults so far, it's just perfect, I really recommend trying this brush out if you haven't already!

My Battle With Ance

Saturday, 15 December 2012

 Dalacin T Topical Solution

I'm going to start by saying that I a have suffered with acne for around 7 or so years. I remember being 9 years old walking home from school with my mum, I was feeling my cheek because it was quite sore and remember feeling 3 small lumps, I asked my mum if anything was there and she simply said I had "under the skin spots". I wasn't too bothered as I was still in primary and it's not a big deal, but when I started first year I noticed my skin worsen. From then on I had become completely obsessed with how my skin looked, I would stand in the bathroom for hours (literally) staring at my face trying to squeeze the spots, pick them and even scratch them off (horrible, I know!). I would avoid looking in mirrors at all costs, apply thick concealer and foundation to try and cover them up, sometimes I would get so low I would cry, thinking how horrible I must look and people must think I'm hideous. The worst spots were on my forehead, I was sitting in my Spanish lesson when I moved my fingers along my forehead and felt loads of pumps, it was also very oily too, I was mortified when I got home to see a mass of spots, covering each inch of my forehead,. With that I opted for a comb over which completely covered my forehead so nobody could see them, I was that embarrassed. I thought I'd have to live with it, but I was wrong and now I'm so comfortable with my skin I go out without anything on! (cheeky;)!)

Throughout the years I tried a LOT of products. Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Freederm, Oxy, Witch, Tea Tree, Garnier, Nuetrogena, Biore, T-Zone, you name it I've tried it! Most of the treatments didn't agree with my skin and dried it out terribly leaving dry, flaky patches, one boy asked why my nose was peeling which made me feel terrible and very disappointing as I felt I was getting somewhere. Clean and Clear was the worst for me so I stopped using that right away, and the Tea Tree stung my skin. I do however still use the Garnier face mask as it is gentle on my skin and is refreshing. I'd also tried homemade face masks such as egg whites, it made no difference, so I gave up. I'd read on the internet that Sudocrem was supposed to help with spots so I thought 'why not?' I had tried so many products that one more wouldn't kill me. It actually helped. It took down the redness and dried the spots out, I still use this from time to time!

Finally after 3 years when I reached fourth year (last year) I decided that I needed to seriously do something and get over my embarrassment. I finally made a trip to the doctors and was very optimistic. I told her about all the products I had tried and how they failed, that my skin was quite oily and how down having spots made me feel, she prescribed me a topical solution to use twice daily.

The solution I had been given to use was (and still is) Dalacin T Topical Solution witch has Clindamycin phosphate in it, now, I don't know what that was when I recieved the product so I did some research. Clindamycin phosphate basically kills the bacteria that causes acne by preventing the bacteria from forming properly thus prevents the spread of infection, it also allows the skin to heal. The solution is a clear liquid and you apply to the skin with a spongy blue applicator, it dries really fast so you can apply make up right away and sleep without the annoyance of a wet face, the only thing I dislike is that the smell is really strong and chemical like that the vapors make my eyes water when I apply it to my cheeks, but I guess that's just the product and I haven't had any other problems with it.

I have been using Dalacin T for just over a year now and it has been fantastic. I did notice results after only a few months regarding the size and number of spots, after around 9 months my forehead was almost completely spot free, I couldn't believe something was actually working, and so fast at that. It doesn't dry out my skin whatsoever and I did actually noticed that it feels slightly smoother and softer. I still do, and always probably will have some spots because there really is no magical product that will give you 100% clear skin. In a way I blame magazines that airbrush their models to look as if they have flawless skin, for a while I thought that's what 'normal' skin should look like, but I was wrong, nobody is perfect. I'm so much happier now, I have so much more confidence within myself, I don't have a comb over (haha) anymore and I have no reason to feel embarrassed about how my skin looks. Dalacin T has dramatically improved my skin and I just love it, I'm so glad I found the courage to go to the doctors and get something done rather than waste money on products that did more harm than good, I'm finally happy to be in my own skin!

NOTE: Dalacin T is only available on prescription via opinion of GP.

Winter Wishing

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Daisy Perfume - The Perfume Shop
Triangle Ring - Topshop
Gold Rings - H&M
Creepers - New Look
Aztec Cosmetics Case - Urban Outfitters 

Ahhh it's nearly Christmas! Only 12 or so more sleeps and already I'm super excited, I feel like a 5 year old again and just love it, Christmas is literally the most wonderful time of year where you can spend precious time with family, eat soo much and not feel guilty and just really chill out, not to mention the amazing atmosphere which surrounds it, especially if you have the Christmas Cookie Yankee candle roaring away, it just really makes the day, such a yummy smell!  

I thought I'd share my wishlist with you all, obviously I don't expect to get everything on the list but I prefer that as you still get a surprise as you don't know exactly what you're getting! I'm probably quite late with this as I have only given my mum the list tonight (oops!), I'm always too laid back with things like this but at the last second I always regret it and have to rush around, but here it is!

What are you wishing for this year?

What's In My Make Up Bag?

Monday, 10 December 2012

I thought today I would do a super quick post on whats lurking inside my make up bag, I guess you could so this is a kind of sequel to my previous "Whats In My Bag?" post which consisted of the contents in which I carry with me daily. I do carry a lot (probably too much) of make up, but I just like knowing I change my lipstick throughout the day if I fancy etc. just change up my look if needs be.

Rimmel Gel Liner, Rimmel Eye Shadow, Rimmel Blush, Benefit Eye Shadow, Palmers Lip Butter, Rimmel Lipstick, Rimmel Lipstick, Vaseline Rosy Lips, Rimmel Pressed Powder, 2true Concealer, Rimmel Liquid Liner, Rimmel Mascara, Eyelash Curlers, Mirror, L'oreal Foundation, Rimmel Kohl Liner, No7 Brow Pencil, Revlon Liner Pen, Blush Brush, Eye Shadow Brush.

I hope this post wasn't too boring for you, and if you're anything like me, super nosy who loves to delve into peoples lives then this is the post for you! My bag is from Primark just in case you are wondering, it looks rather small yet it does hold a fair amount!

Review: MUA Undressed Palette

Saturday, 8 December 2012

I'm someone who very rarely uses eye shadow and when I do it's very minimal and is always very natural colours. Which is one of the main reasons I use pallets like Naked2 as the colours consist of pales, dark's  shimmers and mattes, it's just lovely to wear. I also have the Heaven and Earth Pallete which I use quite frequently as it's an amazing dupe for the Naked pallet not to mention a whole lot cheaper! I love the range of natural colours you get with it too - I'll probably do a post on that at some point!

These little palettes are fabulous, especially for a small £4.00 where you get 12 beautiful shades. The shades are wonderful and don't break up and have little hard bits in them, especially the shimmer ones! They apply so easily and blend equally well so you can build it up really easily, I find the colours to be more vivid if you apply the MUA eye primer prior to applying the shadow, which also helps to stop it becoming creased throughout the day. I don't really like that the shades don't have specific names as it would be a nice touch, but for the price I definitely wouldn't disregard it simply because there were no names. I don't use the applicator that is included as they remind me of the ones you would find it play sets as a child and they just aren't very good to apply therefore I stick to using my own brushes which work perfectly.

Overall this palette is fantastic, everything from the shades, to the price and the packaging. I feel it looks way more expensive than it actually is and the price is just unbelievable as the colours are fantastic. I'm really pleased with this and will be purchasing more in the future. I'ts a cheaper alternative to the Naked palettes, so I strongly recommend trying this out if you haven't done so already - I just love it! 

Pear Shaped Party Attire

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hey dolls!
Recently I've been seeing so many competitions regarding creating an outfit floating around the internet, there has been numerous brands to choose from in which to create your design, from ASOS, Pandora and so many more. I personally was never interested in participating and had always thrown it off, that was until I received an email letting me know that New Look were running a competition similar to the rest but the challenge is to create a party outfit according to your body shape which I found very exciting as I love New Looks clothing and I shop there regularly, there is a chance to win 1 of 5 £100 vouchers to spend at the store so you have some motivation!

I've chosen to go for pear shaped as I think that's what I am! I've gone for a monochrome theme sticking to black and white (playin' it safe!) as you just can't go wrong, I've styled the dress with strappy black wedges to compliment the dress detail and accentuate the legs, I love this cross and  feel it would be a simple piece and tie in well with the overall look yet still make a statement. I went for a coat to layer, the bottom of the coat is like the bottom of the dress thus they would sit well together and I feel I would leave the coat open to show off the dress, I opted for a simple envelope style clutch to really finish the outfit off!

Hope you're all well.

NOTD: Jewel Glitter Rose Quartz

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Barry M Glitter Nail Paint - Rose Quartz

Hey Dolls!
I've never really been a fan of glitter nail polishes as they feel like sandpaper and are just a complete nightmare to remove, hens why I've never invested in one, until now that is! I was wandering around Superdrug on Sunday, originally planning to buy some MUA products when this beautiful colour jumped out at me, and of course, it's Barry M so I just had to have it! I couldn't resist buying this product, I instantly loved it as it was so pretty and interesting, just a dream!

As soon as I got home I removed my previous colour and applied the new polish right away, I was in love at first coat, it was gorgeous. It only took 2 coats to get a very good coverage without any solid colour underneath so I thought that was great as I would prefer just to have the glitter on it's own, so I'm very happy I was able to achieve that.

There are large flecks of pink glitter mixed with very fine bits of pinky-silver colored glitter within a clear polish to hold it all together which sticks to the nail beautifully, you also get a decent amount of glitter on your nail so it looks fuller. It dries really quickly and doesn't feel like grit, it actually feels rather smooth, thus I approve this! I've gotten so many comments on my nails about how nice the colour is and what brand it is, so overall it was a brilliant purchase and I thoroughly recommend trying this out!

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