DIY Paper Bunting

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hey everyone.
So today I decided to be all creative and make my own bunting, I've always wanted one and they're all so expensive so I thought I'd make it personal and create it myself. This is so easy to make, the only difficult part is deciding what design you want on the bunting which took me a while to decide! It looks so pretty in any room and was really fun to make. I hope this tutorial is easy to follow and you find it as fun as I did!

Before you start you'll need a few things:
Different colours of craft card.
White card.
Glue (any is fine).

Easy right? And it looks so pretty and professional, if I do say so myself (haha). I really hope this was easy to follow as I do know I'm not the best at explaining things, but hopefully the pictures aided that and gave you some insight as to what to do, I really love this bunting, it's personal and was so cheap to to create. It's really inspired me to create buntings for different times of the year such as birthday's and Christmas as it's so easy to add lettering, I might do a Christmas inspired bunting tutorial. I hope you all found this inspiring!

Those Christmas Feelings

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Images -

Yes, I know we've still got a couple of months till Christmas comes around, but I've already got that amazing  Christmas feeling. Decking out the house with lights, holly, decorating the tree and scoffing down dinner with a debate on who gets the last Yorkshire pudding, I adore it all, the feeling is just magical. I feel so luck to live in Edinburgh, especially at that time of year with Princes Street looking and feeling so festive. That is one of the main reasons as to why I'm so excited about this year, I can't wait to explore the German Market, Winterwonderland and go ice-skating. The lights are absolutely outstanding, especially to see turned on and, hogmany is just the icing on the cake to top it all off. The Christmas period in Edinburgh is so amazing and I'm so glad that I live here.

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year, getting cosy on the sofa watching 'Elf' with the family is one of the best feelings in the world, it's just the time to come together and just celebrate in happiness. There's one thing which really makes me feel like Christmas is just in sight, it's so simple but really gets me, dark nights and listening to Michael BublĂ© during with a vanilla scented candle burning away, it's the little things that really build it up, I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas this year!

All Things Good

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Good Things - Five Minute Facial Face Mask // Stop That Spot!

Hey everyone.
I thought I'd do a post today on two products which I have been loving this October. I have quite sensitive and dry skin which tends to break out super easy so I struggle to find products which suit my skin, and believe me I've been through a few! I stumbled across the brand Good Things, and I was instantly drawn as the packaging is just gorgeous and definitely stands out from the rest. I wasn't necessarily looking for spot treatments or skin care at the time but I felt like splurging on these two and I'm glad I did, I picked up Stop That Spot! first, it was in a medium sized box with the tube inside and was £4.99, obviously I was feeling rather skeptical at first because of the price but after reading the product I felt less worried. You do get a lot in the tube and it smells SO amazing I can't even begin to describe it. I then noticed the Five Minute Facial Face Mask (that a lot to say!) and that smelled gorgeous too, probably because it's packed with fruit and yummy natural ingredients, it was £5.99 which was fair due to the amount and it's lasted ages so far, it's green in colour and is quite thick, but a little really does go a long way. I purchased both these products from  Boots who also stock many more products from good things that I definitely will be trying out!

Stop That Spot!
I love this, it's a clear gel that is so easy to apply and dries almost instantly so you can apply makeup straight away. It smells divine, I've noticed it stays in your nose for a while (haha). It's super small but packs a lot so is good for on the go and fits easily into your makeup bag/ handbag, it's got really nice packaging so is very appealing, all of the good things range is free from nastiest so you can be sure you're treating your skin. I will be repurchasing this when it's empty.

Five Minute Facial Face Mask
After using this product I definitely noticed a difference in my skin, it was a lot softer, less red and more glowy, It's a thick green clay formula that smells really fruity and dries really quick, it's also so easy to wash off so you're not stood at the sink scrubbing away! When the mask is drying it tends to itch slightly but does go away after a few seconds, I feel it's definitely worth the money. Overall I really feel the brand is just brilliant and should be tried out by everyone, I guarantee you'll love it!


Style Satchel

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Vintage Tan Satchel - Primark

Hey everyone.
So today I ventured into town to Primark to pick up this vintage looking satchel. I firstly must admit that the one I am holding in the photos is the second one, as the strap snapped on the first so I had to take it back for   an exchange. This bag has so many good points and sadly some bad, nonetheless I do absolutely love it and is  available in a variety of different colours and it does look quite expensive. Overall I'm pleased.

The Good?
This bag is so cheap, it was £9.00 and I felt it was roughly worth that, although I would have been happier at £6.00! It looks more expensive than it actually is and the material feels like real leather and would definitely do you justice in the rain, it just looks really pretty and you can't even tell it's from Primark. I think it's a great dupe and a brilliant piece to have to jazz up an outfit. It has a pocket on the front, a zipper one on the inside and 2 interior ones which just fits a mobile.

The Bad?
The strap snapped after only a week. I do think this was my fault however as I did cram it with really heavy school books so it probably buckled because of the weight. This is annoying though, the bag looks as if it will hold a lot, and is big, but it really cant hold a great deal of things and you cant shut the front if there's anything bulky in the front pocket (such as a calculator,haha). If the bag is too heavy/full the poppers don't shut. When I purchased my first one the edges were so frayed, as was the second, they can easily be pulled away or left if you like the look. Overall the structure isn't so great.

The Verdict!
I do love this bag and am glad I got it again, I've learned it's not for school books and all things heavy and I'm only going to use it for outings and put light essentials in it. The price is good and it does look good too, although I would have preferred a little off the price, I think you need to just be gentle with this bag. I do really recommend this because it just looks amazing and is worth it. 

Make Up Review

Friday, 12 October 2012

rimmel stay matte pressed powder (peach glow 003) / no7 amazing eyes pencil (brown 10)

"Up to 5 hours shine control with natural minerals." Helps minimize the appearance of pores." I really love this pressed powder, it doesn't make your skin look 'powdered' and dry like most powders I've tried do, although you do need to be careful with how much you apply. It has a nice smell to it and it's not too strong either which actually wears off after a while. I have quite oily skin and this  powder does help calm it down, it also lasts a long time too so is well worth the money.

"Long wearing and silky smooth pencil for colour and definition."
When I first got this pencil I wasn't too keen on it because it was too dark (I was pressing to hard,lol) and too sharp to use, it made my brows look streaky. After a while I decided to just give it ago again and see how it was, I blunted the point and used a lighter hand and it was perfect, it looks good, natural and fills out my brows well, I have used a lot of it but I doubt I will purchase.

rimmel london glam eyes (smokey brun 002) / rimmel london (santa rose 001)

I like this eye shadow because you get four shades in one that can all be used together, also on the back it shows you what colours to use and where to use them so you can achieve different looks, one for the day and one for the night, it's very helpful if you're not sure about colours or applying shadow. I mainly use the lightest colours on the right which I wear during the day.

This blush is so natural looking it just looks as if you've got a flush of colour, you do however need to apply it with a light hand as the colour is quite strong, if you apply too much or too rough you'll have bright pink stripes on your cheek. I really do love this, it goes well with paler skin tones and I think it would really compliment darker skin tones too.

rimmel london lipstick (sweetie 014) / 2true concealer (01)

This lipstick is very creamy, if you have cracked lips it does show flakes of skin (haha) which isn't too good, but if you moisturize your lips before use it is a gorgeous texture and look. It has subtle sparkle in it which looks great in sunlight, the colour is just amazing, seriously, you can apply a small amount to just add a tint or go bold! The pink is just gorgeous and it really does last a long time! Definitely recommend.

"Corrects. Diffuses. Reflects light and boosts skin radience." This concealer was so cheap and I bought it so long ago from Superdrug, as you can see I have used so much of it, its that good! I was skeptical at first due to the price and the brand. How wrong I was! It's the best concealer I have ever tried, It covers spots amazingly, hides darkness under the eyes and acts as a highlight, it's lasted ages too so I am 100% repurchasing!

rimmel london lash accelerator mascara / revlon colour stay liquid eye pen

"Advanced, ultra lengthening formula for beautifully long, remarkably strong lashes." Id have to disagree, I really wasn't impressed with this mascara at all, the brush is such an odd shape that it doesn't get the outer or inner lashes, it just clumped the middle ones. I also don't think that it made my eyelashes 'grow', you can achieve a lengthened look with some curlers, I wont be buying this again, It's only used it its closest to hand and I'm in a rush. Thumbs down!

I'd like say whether this product is good or not, but I can't, I'm simply undecided! When I first bought this and used it, it came out grey which was disappointing I thought if I used it several times it would darken which it did do, I find it very hard to create a point with this and feel as if I'm drawing on my eyelid! But, on the other hand sometimes it's so good, I just don't understand whats going on with it, maybe it's just me?

l'oreal paris infallible foundation (porcelain 016)

This foundation is by far the best I've come across, I've used many other foundations and even some BB Creams and have always come back to this! I guess it's a bit of a holy grail product! It's very light witch is perfect for my skin tone and it's very moisturizing leaving your skin so soft! It also dries really fast and looks really natural, if you find your perfect shade it makes skin look enhanced, better. It says it lasts 16 hours, I've  personally never worn it for 16 hours but it has lasted a whole school day, although I do have quite oily skin. It doesn't have a strong smell either which is nice, nobody likes having a smell on their face,(haha)! Combined with powder this is perfect, I really can't fault it and highly recommend it.

Simple Look

face - l'oreal paris infallible / rimmel london pressed powder / 2true concealer // cheeks - rimmel lonon powder blush // brows - no7 amazing eyes pencil // eyes - revlon colour stay eye liner / rimmel london lash accelerator mascara / rimmel london glam eyes shadow // lips - rimmel sweetie.

Hey everyone, I thought I'd do a Make Up OTD because It was my dad's birthday last night and I was going to his party, even though this was yesterday I thought you'd like to see how I wore my make up. I went for a very subtle sort of everyday look that still looks classy in the evening, my family complimented on how nice it looked and it was nice to see someone who wasn't 'caked' (haha) as my younger cousin was, as they said 'caked' and was sporting some crazy panda eyes.

I went for subtle winged liner and just a nude shade of eye shadow so it didn't look too heavy. I am quite naturally pale so I tend not to use bronzer, although occasionally I do to add contour and some highlight, I also use a really light blush just to give my cheeks a hint of colour, I went for a bold lipstick to help go with the eyes. I really liked this look as for my everyday make up I tend only to wear winged liner, mascara and foundation/powder, so this look was a change, even though it doesn't seem much I feel it looks great.

I'll be reviewing all the products I used in my next blogpost!

Jeffery Campbell: Litas

Lita Platform Boot - American Flag

Hey everyone, I just thought I'd do a quick post on the absolutely stunning Lita Platforms, I've seen so many different designs that I love and have picked out 3 pairs that have really caught my eye and I would really like to purchase at some point in the near future. I've only seen Lita boots in photographs and videos until my previous boss had a pair of very snazzy ones on, they are amazing. You'd think "oh these look uncomfortable and hard to walk in", yes hard to walk in at first but it gets easier, and they are SO comfy! I would definitely recommend purchasing a pair, the American Flag are my favorites at this minute but with all the new styles that are coming out, who knows!

Lita Platform Boot - Taupe Suede

I feel these Litas are more for a casual dressed-down kind of look, you can literally wear them with anything due to the natural colour. They'll blend very well with skinnies, maxies, leggings, whatever you feel like chucking on, they'd also be a great statement piece to jazz up any plain outfit. I love these Litas!

Lita Platform Boot - Denim

Firstly, how amazing is the colour? These Litas are denim and are a pastel blue colour which is great for summer time, they're a very beautiful piece that I think would compliment other pastel colours such as powder pinks, mint greens and whites. A lace dress and some aviator sunglasses would look perfect with these boots. The chunky wooden heel also compliments the boot as it creates a subtle contrast that is just enough to still have the wow factor!

All photos are courtesy of Nasty Gal which sells some absolutely stunning shoes so I definitely recommend checking them out, some are even on sale right now and they do deliver internationally so wherever you are you can receive amazing shoes!

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