Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

Thursday, 27 December 2012

What a week it has been, super busy! Probably the busiest week that I've had in quite a while to be honest, especially since it's been Christmas, therefore I've been ever so slightly MIA, especially when it comes to blogging so I do apologize. But I am now back and have a load of blog posts planned for you all, some hauls  which consist of Christmas gifts and and boxing day buys! I've had this mascara a while now and it is so good I thought I'd do a quick review on it, before we bite into the more exciting posts!

When it comes to buying mascara I always stick with Max Factors False Lash Effect as I've gone through so many tubes and it's never disappointed me, so I thought, why should I buy anything else? I'm not the best at choosing mascara and to be fair I really am not the type of person who gets excited about mascaras, for me, one good tube is enough and I stick with that tube until it is about to die. Unfortunately I had lost my Max Factor mascara, I was utterly gutted to say the least (it was purple too, a bonus I think). It was literally the only mascara I had as the other tubes had all dried out thus I needed to get my hands on a new one ASAP (you know what it's like with no mascara!). I'd gone down to Tesco with my mum the next again day and spotted the Scandaleyes mascara on the Rimmel stand, it really stood out as it was bright, the tube is a lot like the shape of the false lash effect tube and it was Rimmel, a brand I truly trust for good quality. It was only £6.99 so I thought why not, it seems a fair price.

The packaging isn't to my taste as I feel it's a tad too bright and a bit mishmash, orange just isn't a colour I'm that keen on so that's probably why. I do however like the shape of the bottle as it's very slick and rather comfortable on your hand when applying the product which I like. I really like the brush as it doesn't pack too much product so in effect doesn't clump up your lashes, it has lots of little bristles all the way around also so you can really grip all of your lashes right from the root pulling all the way up to get really good coverage without clumps and as it has lots of individual bristles it comes through your lashes fanning them out rather than sticking them all together giving you that "5 legged spider" look, which nobody likes hopefully. The formula is like most others, just thick and black, but it has a very faint smell, and you all know how I am with products with strong and strange scents, so as you'll have already guessed I was indeed over the moon! This mascara also states that it is 'Extreme Black' so it should be very, very black and not fade out to grey throughout the day or when it has dried into your lashes. I find it does live up to this statement, but I believe that I have used blacker products before, nonetheless it is a very good black that covers well and doesn't fade to grey (lol).

Overall I like this product, maybe because it's Rimmel, who knows. I think I've found a cheaper alternative to the False Lash Effect, however saying that I do love the False Lash Effect and I feel that I will be purchasing it again when this runs out and just use the Scandaleyes as a back up or when I'm in desperate need of a mascara but have no money. This is a very good product and I do recommend this to anyone who is looking for a really good mascara but doesn't want to spend a lot. I also use eyelash curlers before applying any brand of mascara as it always helps with the look. However curling the lash doesn't necessarily effect the products performance so doing this did not sway my opinion whatsoever. I have curled my lashes and used rather terrible mascaras that have clumped them all together so this mascara is really very good!

What is your favorite brand of mascara?

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  1. I tried this mascara and I didn't find it as good as you have. Glad you liked it though.

    Lauren x

  2. I like this mascara, but to be honest all mascara's work the same for me lol. I'm not sure why, probably because my lashes are naturally long so I'm never too picky!


  3. I haven´t tried it, but it seems pretty good! :)

  4. It seems really good for you!
    Mind to follow each other?

    Jessie xx

  5. ur eyes is nice:) the mascara look good on your eyelashes:)X


  6. I absolutely love scandal eyes it was in my best of 2012 xx


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