Review: MUA The Artiste Collection

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Recently whilst I was browsing around the MUA stand in Superdrug and noticed that they had a fabulous offer on, if you spent £6.00 on any MUA products then you would receive this FREE palette! I always love a freebie and I was buying MUA stuff so I added a lip gloss to bring the total to £6.00.

I really do like this palette as you get six marble eye shadows, two blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter. The eye shadows are all very lovely, the colours are vibrant and easy to blend, the only thing that I dislike is the marble effect, that's purely aesthetics and doesn't effect the overall shadow purpose. The colours are so pretty especially the blues, I don't really like blue as an eye shadow but this is an exception! Both blushers are pink, one slightly darker one which is matte, the other is lighter with sparkles, I prefer the matte shade as it isn't too heavy on the cheeks and it's wearable everyday. I feel the blush with sparkles is more for an evening or party look as it is rather sparkly, especially if you build it up! The bronzer and highlighter are both very good and are lovely colours, the bronzer isn't too dark and the highlighter isn't too shimmery, a very good combination.

Overall I like this palette, the packaging is great and it does look very sleek. The range of colours are fabulous and you get a few different products to choose from so it's good as an all-in-one. I only dislike the marble effect on the shadows and the applicator, this comes with all the palettes, and I find it pointless as I never use them and are terrible for applying the shadow, but that's just me! I think this is a great offer so if you are interested in this palette get down to Superdrug!

Have a lovely Wednesday!
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  1. Hi Jade! I picked this palette up on the same deal, awesome freebie!!! I haven't even tried mine yet, but will dig it out of the draw tomorrow and give it a whirl. :) x

  2. thats a sweet deal, i love playing around with different colour palettes, maybe i should invest in one, thanks for your thoughts ^^

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  3. Lovely review! I picked this up with the offer too, it's great :) I was dissappointed about the marble effect also, but I do love the effect the eyeshadows actually give :D xo

  4. LOVE the review, so pretty!

    follow back? I'm new on blogger :)
    xxx happy holidays :)


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