My Battle With Ance

Saturday, 15 December 2012

 Dalacin T Topical Solution

I'm going to start by saying that I a have suffered with acne for around 7 or so years. I remember being 9 years old walking home from school with my mum, I was feeling my cheek because it was quite sore and remember feeling 3 small lumps, I asked my mum if anything was there and she simply said I had "under the skin spots". I wasn't too bothered as I was still in primary and it's not a big deal, but when I started first year I noticed my skin worsen. From then on I had become completely obsessed with how my skin looked, I would stand in the bathroom for hours (literally) staring at my face trying to squeeze the spots, pick them and even scratch them off (horrible, I know!). I would avoid looking in mirrors at all costs, apply thick concealer and foundation to try and cover them up, sometimes I would get so low I would cry, thinking how horrible I must look and people must think I'm hideous. The worst spots were on my forehead, I was sitting in my Spanish lesson when I moved my fingers along my forehead and felt loads of pumps, it was also very oily too, I was mortified when I got home to see a mass of spots, covering each inch of my forehead,. With that I opted for a comb over which completely covered my forehead so nobody could see them, I was that embarrassed. I thought I'd have to live with it, but I was wrong and now I'm so comfortable with my skin I go out without anything on! (cheeky;)!)

Throughout the years I tried a LOT of products. Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Freederm, Oxy, Witch, Tea Tree, Garnier, Nuetrogena, Biore, T-Zone, you name it I've tried it! Most of the treatments didn't agree with my skin and dried it out terribly leaving dry, flaky patches, one boy asked why my nose was peeling which made me feel terrible and very disappointing as I felt I was getting somewhere. Clean and Clear was the worst for me so I stopped using that right away, and the Tea Tree stung my skin. I do however still use the Garnier face mask as it is gentle on my skin and is refreshing. I'd also tried homemade face masks such as egg whites, it made no difference, so I gave up. I'd read on the internet that Sudocrem was supposed to help with spots so I thought 'why not?' I had tried so many products that one more wouldn't kill me. It actually helped. It took down the redness and dried the spots out, I still use this from time to time!

Finally after 3 years when I reached fourth year (last year) I decided that I needed to seriously do something and get over my embarrassment. I finally made a trip to the doctors and was very optimistic. I told her about all the products I had tried and how they failed, that my skin was quite oily and how down having spots made me feel, she prescribed me a topical solution to use twice daily.

The solution I had been given to use was (and still is) Dalacin T Topical Solution witch has Clindamycin phosphate in it, now, I don't know what that was when I recieved the product so I did some research. Clindamycin phosphate basically kills the bacteria that causes acne by preventing the bacteria from forming properly thus prevents the spread of infection, it also allows the skin to heal. The solution is a clear liquid and you apply to the skin with a spongy blue applicator, it dries really fast so you can apply make up right away and sleep without the annoyance of a wet face, the only thing I dislike is that the smell is really strong and chemical like that the vapors make my eyes water when I apply it to my cheeks, but I guess that's just the product and I haven't had any other problems with it.

I have been using Dalacin T for just over a year now and it has been fantastic. I did notice results after only a few months regarding the size and number of spots, after around 9 months my forehead was almost completely spot free, I couldn't believe something was actually working, and so fast at that. It doesn't dry out my skin whatsoever and I did actually noticed that it feels slightly smoother and softer. I still do, and always probably will have some spots because there really is no magical product that will give you 100% clear skin. In a way I blame magazines that airbrush their models to look as if they have flawless skin, for a while I thought that's what 'normal' skin should look like, but I was wrong, nobody is perfect. I'm so much happier now, I have so much more confidence within myself, I don't have a comb over (haha) anymore and I have no reason to feel embarrassed about how my skin looks. Dalacin T has dramatically improved my skin and I just love it, I'm so glad I found the courage to go to the doctors and get something done rather than waste money on products that did more harm than good, I'm finally happy to be in my own skin!

NOTE: Dalacin T is only available on prescription via opinion of GP.


  1. Gorgeous Jade,
    I've had acne since I was 7. I know your struggle! I loved reading this. You can still be an amazing beauty/fashion blogger and not have the clear perfect skin like it seems some girls have. You are real and beautiful! Personally my skin has cleared up in the past two years, and I am so thankful for that. Not everyone can have perfect skin, but we are still beautiful girls(: We might have had to go through a little bit of up and downs with our self esteem but you pushed on through. Anyways, I'm glad you found a product to work for you.


  2. Hey there...Great post..even me Im battling with my acne and I have tried almost evrything :)..Will love to try the product which you refer..thanks a lot for visiting my lemme know if we can follow each other ?


  3. Igot the same problem, only one my back...glad you found something that actuelly still trying everything

    Xx Mounia

  4. That must be some miracle product. I don't have a huge problem with acne but once in awhile, I do get some random pimple. Almost every product I try tends to dry out the skin. it's pretty cool that Dalacin T doesn't do that and does the opposite.

  5. I've also been prescribed this and can back it up as a "miracle worker"

    Results aren't instant so its important to stick to the twice a day routine. It will pay off in the end.


  6. Ahh i have also been dealing with bad skin for years, and have tried everything but this, so must give it a try! Good review thanks xx

  7. So glad this worked for you! I tried so many topical treatments and NOTHING worked, I ended up having to take accutane, which although difficult completely changed my skin for the better!

    Great post, I love pople who feel comfortable to talk about their skin issues on their blog!

  8. I suffer from horrible acne and have alot of the things you described (feeling self conscious and wearing ALOT of makeup) I'm going to try the doctors sometime soon :D


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