What I Got For Christmas

Saturday, 29 December 2012

L-R: Chunky Cable Knit Jumper, Acid Wash Petite Skinny Jeans, Creeper Dupes, GEEK T-Shirt, Barry M Nail Paints (see below), The Sims 3 For Nintendo 3DS, Ted Baker Gift Set - Body Lotion, Body Wash And Body Spray (Butterfly), Gold Spiked Necklace, TOWIE Body Lotion And Perfume (Dazzle), Russian Babushka Doll, Wanted DVD.
Gold Mine, Pink Silver Glitter & Denim

I initially had planned on doing a 'Christmas Day' post which would consist of Christmas day itself, unfortunately the day wasn't actually that exciting to be honest and the photos didn't come out as well as I thought they had, therefore I thought that I'd share what I received on Christmas morning as my Birthday Haul (here) seemed to get a good response, I've also seen a few of these posts flying around so why not? I always love to see what other people got as I'm nosy! I also just want to put it out there that this post is not me trying to show off or brag, that's not at all what I'm like so please don't think that! I just want to share the love!

I am so happy with everything that I got this year. I really wasn't expecting what I got, so it was a surprise as I hadn't asked for much at all, I just had no real idea - however I had asked for  Creepers so they really did make my day as I've been after a pair for months now and am so pleased that I finally got them! I had also asked for acid wash jeans from Topshop but didn't expect to get them as I know they are rather expensive. As for everything else my family just guessed, and they definitely guessed well, I'm so, so pleased with what I got I couldn't have wished for more!

If your wondering where anything is from just ask and I'll do my best to find out and reply? What did you all get for Christmas and it's nearly New Year, 1012 has gone so fast!

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  1. Great presents, hope you had a great day!

  2. Great stuff, I'm so glad your happy with everything you got!

  3. Lucky! Is the geek top from topshop because i think i have seen it there.. its so nice! I have a what I got for christmas blog and birthday haul (22nd of december so pretty close to chrimbo) hope you have a happy new year :)



  4. Those creepers are so cute, I really want a pair. Your family did really well with guessing. I never usually ask for things either.

  5. Love the geek top, I have a one similar! The barry m polish looks so pretty I love the black and gold combo x

  6. I love the barry m polishes. I want! great post :) and thank you for the lovely comment over on mine!


    Amy x

  7. beautiful gifts! =)
    I follow you now, there's a new post on my blog, take a look! =)
    A NEW fashion view

  8. Lovely nailpolishes! I'm your new follower from Italy, would you like to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? Kisses, Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

  9. Woah, you got some great stuff, I got the geek top as a sweatshirt and I love it!!!!xxxx


  10. Love the geek shirt and those Russian dolls are so cute :3

    Ellen xx

  11. Those look like amazing presents!


  12. Great gifts, I especially like the geek t-shirt! :)

  13. Lovely gifts!
    I'm in love with the necklace! **

    A loser like me

  14. what a lovely bunch of stuff. and wow russian dolls! i collect them.. what a great pressie! xx

  15. So lucky and lovely items you got. I enjoyed reading your blog and awarding you a Liebster Blog Award! You can check it out here

    Donah :)

  16. I love your creepers!

    Off-topic note: I'm moving to Edinburgh in September. You'll have to tell me where all the hidden gem shops are! :) xoxo


  17. where is the geek tshirt from? I NEED it lol xx

  18. Nice Haul! loveee the necklace and the geek shirt :)



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