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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Vintage Tan Satchel - Primark

Hey everyone.
So today I ventured into town to Primark to pick up this vintage looking satchel. I firstly must admit that the one I am holding in the photos is the second one, as the strap snapped on the first so I had to take it back for   an exchange. This bag has so many good points and sadly some bad, nonetheless I do absolutely love it and is  available in a variety of different colours and it does look quite expensive. Overall I'm pleased.

The Good?
This bag is so cheap, it was £9.00 and I felt it was roughly worth that, although I would have been happier at £6.00! It looks more expensive than it actually is and the material feels like real leather and would definitely do you justice in the rain, it just looks really pretty and you can't even tell it's from Primark. I think it's a great dupe and a brilliant piece to have to jazz up an outfit. It has a pocket on the front, a zipper one on the inside and 2 interior ones which just fits a mobile.

The Bad?
The strap snapped after only a week. I do think this was my fault however as I did cram it with really heavy school books so it probably buckled because of the weight. This is annoying though, the bag looks as if it will hold a lot, and is big, but it really cant hold a great deal of things and you cant shut the front if there's anything bulky in the front pocket (such as a calculator,haha). If the bag is too heavy/full the poppers don't shut. When I purchased my first one the edges were so frayed, as was the second, they can easily be pulled away or left if you like the look. Overall the structure isn't so great.

The Verdict!
I do love this bag and am glad I got it again, I've learned it's not for school books and all things heavy and I'm only going to use it for outings and put light essentials in it. The price is good and it does look good too, although I would have preferred a little off the price, I think you need to just be gentle with this bag. I do really recommend this because it just looks amazing and is worth it. 


  1. Love that satchel so much! and you're so pretty!! xx

    1. love it


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