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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Good Things - Five Minute Facial Face Mask // Stop That Spot!

Hey everyone.
I thought I'd do a post today on two products which I have been loving this October. I have quite sensitive and dry skin which tends to break out super easy so I struggle to find products which suit my skin, and believe me I've been through a few! I stumbled across the brand Good Things, and I was instantly drawn as the packaging is just gorgeous and definitely stands out from the rest. I wasn't necessarily looking for spot treatments or skin care at the time but I felt like splurging on these two and I'm glad I did, I picked up Stop That Spot! first, it was in a medium sized box with the tube inside and was £4.99, obviously I was feeling rather skeptical at first because of the price but after reading the product I felt less worried. You do get a lot in the tube and it smells SO amazing I can't even begin to describe it. I then noticed the Five Minute Facial Face Mask (that a lot to say!) and that smelled gorgeous too, probably because it's packed with fruit and yummy natural ingredients, it was £5.99 which was fair due to the amount and it's lasted ages so far, it's green in colour and is quite thick, but a little really does go a long way. I purchased both these products from  Boots who also stock many more products from good things that I definitely will be trying out!

Stop That Spot!
I love this, it's a clear gel that is so easy to apply and dries almost instantly so you can apply makeup straight away. It smells divine, I've noticed it stays in your nose for a while (haha). It's super small but packs a lot so is good for on the go and fits easily into your makeup bag/ handbag, it's got really nice packaging so is very appealing, all of the good things range is free from nastiest so you can be sure you're treating your skin. I will be repurchasing this when it's empty.

Five Minute Facial Face Mask
After using this product I definitely noticed a difference in my skin, it was a lot softer, less red and more glowy, It's a thick green clay formula that smells really fruity and dries really quick, it's also so easy to wash off so you're not stood at the sink scrubbing away! When the mask is drying it tends to itch slightly but does go away after a few seconds, I feel it's definitely worth the money. Overall I really feel the brand is just brilliant and should be tried out by everyone, I guarantee you'll love it!



  1. this looks really good!
    i'm laura by the way and i'm your newest follower, yay!
    i'm new to blogging too, i only started a couple of months ago so i though i'd say hi and let you know that i'd love to chat sometime, newbies sticking together an all haha,
    anyway, yes, be sure to pop over and say hi, it'd be lovely to hear from you.
    laura xx

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