DIY Paper Bunting

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hey everyone.
So today I decided to be all creative and make my own bunting, I've always wanted one and they're all so expensive so I thought I'd make it personal and create it myself. This is so easy to make, the only difficult part is deciding what design you want on the bunting which took me a while to decide! It looks so pretty in any room and was really fun to make. I hope this tutorial is easy to follow and you find it as fun as I did!

Before you start you'll need a few things:
Different colours of craft card.
White card.
Glue (any is fine).

Easy right? And it looks so pretty and professional, if I do say so myself (haha). I really hope this was easy to follow as I do know I'm not the best at explaining things, but hopefully the pictures aided that and gave you some insight as to what to do, I really love this bunting, it's personal and was so cheap to to create. It's really inspired me to create buntings for different times of the year such as birthday's and Christmas as it's so easy to add lettering, I might do a Christmas inspired bunting tutorial. I hope you all found this inspiring!


  1. So much cuter that shop bought!!

  2. Oh wow!! These are so cute! Be a great christmas present! :D

  3. I love bunting , this is soo cute xx

  4. This is fantastic :) so cute!

  5. That's adorable! I'll have to try it ^_^ xx


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