I'm Back/New Addition To The Family!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

I'd like to start this post of by apologizing for my super long absence these past few months. I've well and truly been M.I.A, so I'd really like to say a massive thank you to all of my followers and also say a massive sorry for not posting in so long, but that is all about to change as I'm back now! I've also changed the name of my blog and gave it a new look, I just felt like a fresh start, I hope you all like it! Over the past months A LOT has been happening, exams and school have been so stressful that I've literally had no spare time to sit at my laptop and get my blog on, school in general has just been pretty stressful! I've also been rather sick too with a bad case of tonsillitis, which luckily they will be getting removed as soon as I get an appointment with ENT.. That pretty much drained all my energy as all I'd just been doing is sleeping and doing not a lot, you kind of lose spirit when you're run off your feet and feeling down.

I do however have a nicer reason for straying, I got a puppy! I bought him by myself using the money that I'd been saving since my birthday, it's so lovely knowing he's truly mine! All the family love him and I did speak to them about it before getting him so we all knew we were ready for him!

So, This is my 4 month old puppy Dexter! Isn't he adorable? He's an English Springer Spaniel who is liver and white, he is so playful and boisterous I've been run off my feet trying to keep up with him, he just loves everyone that he meets and constantly wants to be cuddled! He's so clever he already knows sit,stay,down,paw and spin, all for a treat mind you ;)! He's so full of energy he has 3 walks a day and we meet his best friends Kuro and Ruko in the park for a play. I love this little cutie and he's brought myself and my family so much happiness and love!

This was just a quick post to say that I'm back and to update you all! I was thinking of doing lots of pup related posts and updates on Dexter in the future. I'll be doing a proper post ASAP!

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